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Hi my name is Dennis Schuller I am running to represent southeast Minneapolis Nokomis neighborhood, Richfield's rockin' east side, and the Fort Snelling area including the airport to the state of Minnesota House of Representatives from District 63B because I think I can make a positive difference.

As a lifelong Minnesota resident, I have a long history in the area that has made me protective of personal liberties and outspoken with concerns of the underserved. In addition, I am a defender of the individual's right to have clean air and water. I am married and reside in Richfield with my family.


Volunteered with Richfield planning commission for six years

Helped in the early planning stages of the street road corridor revitalization plan.

Worked on airport noise mitigation and testing for acoustic treatments of houses in this area to reduce the effects of airport noise

Former Augsburg Park neighborhood block captain

Volunteered with the Fourth of July celebration committee

Self-employed media entrepreneur in business since 1996. 

Dennis listens and stands with you


Your MN 63B House Representative

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"Vote NO to the Status Quo"

Support our safe community


Work to improve education

Ensure fair and reasonable treatment for

all citizens

Seek fair workplace policies that don't hurt workers

Protect our natural resources - The water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat

Advocate for small and large businesses


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