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Cannabis for a Better Future

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Dennis Schuller Candidate

Marijuana is legalized in Minnesota and half of the fifty states. But now the fight is at the federal level. I’m positive this is why I deserve your vote:

Pro Legalization – Yes

Pro Environment - Hemp is part of the the global sustainability answer

Pro Law Enforcement – Legalization lets police focus on crime instead of issuing tickets for trivial offenses

Pro Family – A non-violent, caring parent is a good parent; Cannabis is not a crime

Pro Privacy – Growing a plant or garden in your home without a license is a right

Pro Business – Hemp and marijuana can be processed into a variety of products to be sold at market

Pro Property Rights – Marijuana is not a reason for unconstitutional search and seizure

Dennis listens and stands with you


A New Medicinal Guideline For America

Medicine Regulation Guideline V4.jpg

More Peace Less War - "Vote NO to the Status Quo"

Support safe communities


Work to improve education

Ensure fair and reasonable treatment for

all citizens

Seek fair workplace policies that don't hurt workers

Protect our natural resources - The water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat

Advocate for small and large businesses


Elect Cannabis Activist Presidential Candidate

Dennis Schuller 

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Email :

Schuller for US President

9641 Garfield Avenue S. #20321

Minneapolis, MN 55420

Paid for by Schuller for US President Minneapolis, MN 55420

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