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Rudy Reyes - Vice President Candidate


Hello my name is Rudy Reyes I am running for Vice President of the United States. In California where marijuana is legal and I carry a medical card I have still run into discrimination and threats from law enforcement.

Talking about marijuana is important to me because it helped me and can help others. I am a burn survivor when I got caught in a wild fire flare up while driving down the road. Cannabis is part of my treatment and was prescribed by my doctor it helps me lead a more normal life.

I'm not just a stand-in candidate I am ready to be part of the solution by:

Speaking for people and against corporate person hood

Standing for democracy ending the electoral college and advocating for the direct election of president by popular vote.

Acting to save the air we breathe and the water we drink. The sustainable use of hemp for a multitude of modern products including concrete and building materials can give regular people sustainable options. Providing alternatives to plastics that are affecting our way of life can make an immediate impact.

Working with local communities to help them participate in the hemp economy through growing, processing and distributing specialized hemp products.

When marijuana is legalized the drug enforcement agency will become the drug enhancement agency and they can help co-ordinate the best medicines to help the most people.

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Email :

Schuller for US President

9641 Garfield Avenue S. #20321

Minneapolis, MN 55420

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